Coir Products

Raw Coconut Shells

Hawkout Impex can supply fresh as well as raw coconuts. This fruit obtained from Cocos nucifera palm is seasoned and matured, which is used in Indian household and commercial kitchens, as well as baking, confectionery and food production industries, as an important ingredient. The outer part of this mature coconut is brown. Both, freshly harvested and matured coconut contains health benefiting sweet water. The flesh of the coconut can be used in savory and sweet dishes. Coconut chutney is prepared using raw coconut flesh and used as condiment with South Indian dishes, like Dosa, Uttapam, Idli and Vada. The fiber, minerals and vitamins content in the coconut are beneficial in controlling diabetes, boosting immunity, preventing UTI, reducing cholesterol level, fighting bacteria, and promoting healthy bones.

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